Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

County election results: Becerra wins Democratic Primary

County election results: Becerra wins Democratic Primary

Of those, 35 are Democratic challengers to GOP incumbents. But does it signal a November wave? In fact, 1.5 million Republicans turned out, beating Democratic turnout by half a million.

The Democratic congressman outraised the Republican senator in the last quarter of 2017 and has touted his candidacy's grassroots appeal for Texas Democrats who haven't had much to cheer about lately. The primary set up Democrats to make inroads in November although they are unlikely to overturn two decades of Republican dominance in Texas politics. In the end, Democrats boosted their percentage of the primary vote from roughly 30 percent in the last midterm election to 40 percent now. But totals in the primaries for U.S. Senate told a different story: More than 1.5 million people voted in the Republican primary, with close to 100 percent reporting, compared to about 1 million Democrats, also with a near 100 percent reporting. On Wednesday night, Politico reported that the GOP is bracing for an embarrassing defeat in the district next week and that the national Republican party has already begun to look for ways to pin the possibility of a loss on Saccone, who has "leaned excessively" on the national party infrastructure.

GOP mega-donor Kathaleen Wall, however, who spent $6 million of her own money on her campaign, failed to win her race. He beat out three other challengers, one of whom was Jerry Patterson, who occupied the office between 2003 and 2015.

Moser advanced to a runoff with Democratic front-runner Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, despite the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee publishing an opposition research memo calling her "a Washington insider who begrudgingly moved to Texas" to run for Congress.

Moser is among several congressional candidates headed to May 22 runoff elections because they didn't win 50% of the vote. Since announcing that he'd take on Cruz more than a year ago, O'Rourke has barnstormed the state, holding town halls and meet-and-greets in some of Texas' reddest burghs.

"We are going to see historic turnout from the extreme left in November, which means if conservatives stay home, we could lose both houses of Congress", Cruz said on Hugh Hewitt's radio show Tuesday. On February 22nd it distributed an article she had written in 2014 for the Washingtonian, a magazine, in which she said she would "sooner have my teeth pulled out without anaesthesia" than live in Paris, Texas. "They're low taxes, they care about limited government. They hate the president".

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Trump's first term produced a wave of voters Texas hasn't seen in years. The San Antonio-border country seat could yield a runoff, as well, between Gina Ortiz Jones, an Air Force veteran, and Jay Hulings, a former federal prosecutor.

The special election in Pennsylvania's 18th District, where Democratic candidate Conor Lamb has dwarfed his Republican opponent in fundraising, has gone from Leans GOP to Toss-up with less than a week until Election Day.

The races lifted women candidates in a state that only has three women serving in its 38-member congressional delegation. George P. Bush, the Texas land commissioner, won a contested primary after he cozied-up to a president who once called his dad, Jeb, a pathetic person.

The victor of the primary is set to face off against Mr. Culberson, and Republicans are counting on a bruising primary fight over the next two months to hinder Democrats' chances.

Clare Bresnahan English, executive director for She Should Run, a group encouraging more women to run for public office, said she's anticipating the Texas primary results will have a ripple effect that will get more women to become candidates.

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