Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
Research | By Dana Schwartz

Fitbit Launches Fitness Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Launches Fitness Tracker for Kids

Meet the Fitbit Versa: the latest smartwatch in the Fitbit family that we're certain will be on the wrists of everyone at your gym come summertime.

The Fitbit Versa is the fitness tracking brand's most recent attempt at a "smartwatch for all", with a modern design and affordable price tag, as well as a few new software tricks created to tempt users away from the Apple Watch. It's also £100 cheaper. And although there's a sea of apps out there that can help you track your period, Fitbit is rolling out a new Versa smartwatch ($199) in May that includes "female health tracking", along with the traditional exercise tracking. On-screen workouts are able to guide you through your routines, and there's automatic sleep tracking built-in.

In the hand, the Versa really is a far more approachable wearable than the Ionic. Like the Ionic, it has a pretty thick bezel, but it's bright and clear, and the company seems to have smoothed out Fitbit OS since we last tested it. It also now allows you to swipe down from the top of the watch to get your notifications - the Ionic made you swipe up from the bottom.

Fitbit Pay is only available on one model in the US, and you'll have to pay extra for it. Becker explained that numerous parts of the design that interact with your skin are curved and made to appear and feel softer. Managing this data doesn't just mean protecting it from outsiders - it also means only giving kids see the info they need to see. There will also be a $229.95 Versa Special Edition that includes support for Fitbit Pay and comes in a graphite aluminum case with a woven charcoal band, or a rose gold case with a lavender band. Plus, Fitbit is partnering with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to fund emerging label PH5, which will offer knitware bands and accessories for Versa. The standard silicone bands will retail for $29.95, Horween leather bands will go for $49.95, and metal and mesh bands will be available for $79.95. The Versa will hold up to 300 songs in its internal memory, so you don't need to take your phone with you when you leave the house. You can also use it to download the Pandora stations. All Versa watches in Europe and Asia will come with Fitbit Pay onboard, but in the USA you'll need to get the £229.99 Special Edition Versa to get the feature. "We had always planned a portfolio of products". Fitbit claims that its new app will allow wearers to see how their weight and sleep patterns change throughout their menstrual cycle.

It'll let you log your menstrual cycle data, recording symptoms like headaches and cramp. Specifically you'll be able to enter details about your menstrual cycle so you can keep an eye on how it impacts your health and wellness directly in the Fitbit app. The Versa promises to automatically track exercises, including running and biking. We've yet to learn of the exact dimensions, but it's slimmer and lighter than the Ionic or the Blaze so looks to be the flawless option if you have smaller wrists. Like the Ionic, it's also waterproof down to 164 feet.

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The Fitbit Versa actually marks the company's third attempt to make a fully-featured smartwatch, with the previous two releases failing to catch on to the extent that they had hoped. But while Fitbit's default move goal is 30 minutes for adult users, the Ace's will be 60 minutes, in line with the World Health Organization's recommendation that children between the ages of five and 17 get an hour of daily physical activity per day.

Runners may be disappointed to learn there's no Global Positioning System built into the Fitbit Versa.

Wearable technology giant Fitbit announced today that it is producing a product for children as young as eight years old to help fight America's childhood obesity epidemic.

The Ace is available for pre-order beginning today and will be ready to ship sometime before June, the company said.

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