Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

Parsons Green: Bomb victim 'engulfed in flames'

Parsons Green: Bomb victim 'engulfed in flames'

Thirty people were injured in the explosion.

His asylum claim was pending and he was living with foster parents Penelope Jones, 71, and her husband Ronald, 88, at the time of the attack.

Thirty people were injured after the device partially detonated during rush hour last September in a Tube train at Parsons Green station.

Hassan has denied the charges.

Video played for the jury showed an explosion inside the subway vehicle followed by a large fireball that caused many burns and severe injuries.

Ahmed Hassan, 18, had left the bomb containing 400g of explosives and shrapnel on the floor, having got off one stop earlier, his Old Bailey trial was told.

Hassan claimed asylum when he arrived in Britain on the back of a truck travelling through the Channel Tunnel from France, saying he was in fear of Islamic State.

When interviewed by the Home Office when claiming asylum in the United Kingdom, he said he was fleeing ISIS - who he claimed kidnapped him, threatened to murder his family, made him train 1,000 soldiers to kill and give religious teachings.

Jurors were told that while in the care of Barnados, a member of staff who spoke Arabic caught him listening to a "call to arms" song with lyrics along the lines of: "We are coming with you to the slaughter... in your home/country".

Mr Hassan set a timer...

The court in London has heard that the homemade device only partially exploded, and the knives, screws, nails and bolts that had been packed around it were not not expelled across the train.

The prosecutor has told the court the alleged attack was created to cause "maximum carnage".

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A teen made a bomb left on a Tube train while his parents were holidaying in Blackpool, a court has heard.

The prosecution alleges that he constructed the bomb, carried it on to the train after setting its timer device, and then made his escape moments before it was due to explode. He could have pulled the wires out of the device.

'The CCTV footage from inside the carriage shows that at no stage did the defendant reach inside the bag to do anything'.

Aimee Colville saw "shards of glass flying through the air and then flames".

She suffered burns to her legs, hands, and face, causing her eyebrows and lashes to be singed off, the court heard.

Then she could "smell herself burning and saw her hair was on fire".

Stephen Nash noticed a "blinding light and the feeling that he was in a furnace engulfed in flames", the court was told.

"There were approximately 93 people in the carriage when the device detonated", prosecutor Alison Morgan said.

Mr Hassan was arrested at the Port of Dover the day after the attack.

Hassan, who arrived in Britain in October 2015, denies attempted murder and using the chemical compound TATP to cause an explosion on a packed train on September 15.

The jury was told that some of the ingredients for the device were bought on Amazon and CCTV captured Hassan buying a drill in Aldi and batteries and a screwdriver set in Asdain Feltham.

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