Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
Finance | By Jaime Brady

Russian Federation claims successful test of 'invincible' missile

Russian Federation claims successful test of 'invincible' missile

As per reports, Putin's claim that someone who is having a Russian citizenship can not truly be a Russian was highly condemned by the Jewish and other groups residing in Russia.

He said it's a hypersonic missile carried by an aircraft that that flies at 10 times the speed of sound with an unpredictable trajectory towards its target.

The defence ministry said the missile was launched from a MiG-31 jet that took off from an airfield in southwest Russian Federation on Saturday.

"The launch went according to plan, the hypersonic missile hit its target", the ministry added.

The MiG-31 departed from an airfield in the Southern Military District within the framework of a testing air alert.

The defence ministry said the missile was launched from a MiG-31 jet that took off from an airfield in south-west Russian Federation on Saturday.

The defense ministry specified in its statement that besides crew training, the Russian air force had conducted over 250 flights in the beginning of the year to ensure the project would yield the desired results.

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'A decision about using nuclear weapon can be made only if our missile warning system recorded not only the launch of missiles, but also gave an accurate prediction of flight trajectories and the time when the warheads fall on Russian Federation'.

"Russia still has the greatest nuclear potential in the world, but nobody listened to us", he said.

"I saw no change to the Russian military capability and each of these systems that he's talking about that are still years away, I do not see them changing the military balance", Mattis said. "They did not impact any need on our side for a change in our deterrent posture".

Russia's President Vladimir Putin said in a new film he ordered - but later pulled back - the shooting down of a passenger plane in 2014 after officials believed a man with a bomb was targeting the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Putin has rattled Russian sabers repeatedly in the past, and military analysts said a lack of detailed information made it hard to assess his statements about weapons.

The footage of the missile test comes as US Defence Secretary James Mattis expressed skepticism at the supposedly new, high tech Russian missiles.

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