Published: Fri, March 16, 2018
Culture | By Glenn Strickland

The new Tomb Raider is the female action hero we need

The new Tomb Raider is the female action hero we need

Given that the Crystal Dynamics studio, traditional developer of the Tomb Raider franchise, is thought to be occupied with a Marvel's Avengers adaptation, Square Enix's Eidos Montreal location is thought to be involved with this threequel. She's also gotten many women into gaming by giving them a smart, capable and adventurous female avatar to play.

After attending a screening of the new Tomb Raider movie, the 63-year-old entertainment reporter couldn't hide his disappointment at the rebooted franchise that originally starred Angelina Jolie as iconic action heroine Lara Croft. More details are expected to come for that at E3 this year.

The new Lara Croft Tomb Raider film premieres on 16 March, just ahead of the new Volvo XC40 launch in the US.

On the other side of the argument, several Tomb Raider fans agreed with comments about Alicia Vikander's slim, athletic body. Directed by Roar Uthaug, the film is very much so Batman Begins for Lara Croft as it follows her on an adventure that ultimately transforms her into the tomb raider she's meant to be.

Tomb Raider is screening in Australian cinemas now through Roadshow Films.

Independent: The film may be based on a video game but we could be back in the world of Ray Harryhausen B-movie matinee adventures of the 1960s and 1970s.

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That said, this "Tomb Raider" isn't so bad (how's that for a blurb?) and might occasionally cause you to look up from your popcorn. Jolie's Croft was a slightly more mature Lara, further along on her path as a thrill-seeking explorer. She gets hurt and sometimes cries out into pain.

While her ballet background helped her physically during the big action scenes, she had to learn many new skills that required practice to prepare for the role.

Similar to Walton, I was able to go into the film with a clean slate - no preconceived notions of how Lara was supposed to act or look.

I wish I could say Daniel Wu's acting gets better in the film (I'm sorry his acting needs work), but sadly it's still pretty stiff. The way I saw it was that she's this young girl living in East London, working as a bike courier, trying to make ends meet. Sure, it belongs to an ancient Japanese Queen who was known to possess supernatural powers that involved killing anyone she touched, but why that would prompt a basic British businessman like Lara's father to abandon his young child is beyond me. Nobody knows what happened to him.

Encountering Croft, who has voyaged to the island in pursuit of her missing father, Vogel believes he has found the ticket to the family reunion he so desperately covets.

Alicia Vikander plays a strong, resilient, and relatable Lara Croft. In those moments I was reminded of National Treasure, and Dan Brown Novel and, of course, Indiana Jones. Vikander is a beautifully effective avatar for the American Ninja Warrior version of Lara Croft. I certainly think so. "You actually get to feel that's she's human, and she's open to be vulnerable". And then you watch her kind of grow.

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