Published: Fri, March 30, 2018
Culture | By Glenn Strickland

The NRA's Twitter following has grown 27% since the Parkland shooting

The NRA's Twitter following has grown 27% since the Parkland shooting

I'm sorry that an inteveiw I did about a minority was used as a weapon against you guys.

Run The Jewels member Killer Mike has been criticised after defending gun ownership in a video published by America's National Rifle Association (NRA) on National Walkout Day, while marches against gun violence took place across the US.

On Facebook Saturday morning, the NRA posted a short membership-drive video along with a brief message. He specifically apologized to the young people who organized the rally. "I'm sorry adults chose to do this".

Killer Mike also explained that he discouraged his children from taking part in school walk-outs organised following the recent spate of shootings. "Yet we can lose that many kids in a weekend, two weekends in the inner-city on a regular basis, and nobody really has that kind of effort going toward stopping it".

Mike said that he told his kids if you want out of school, "walk out of my house".

During his sit down with Colion Noir from NRA TV, Mike shared how African-Americans can benefit from gun ownership.

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Since the release of his 2012 breakout solo album R.A.P. Music - for which Meline produced the majority of beats, the beginning of their successful collaboration - Killer Mike has become known for his political engagement, including vociferous support of Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election and fairly nuanced dissections of institutionalized racism in his work.

While El-P did not agree exactly with what Killer Mike had said he considers the people marching for gun control to be heroes. "No matter what you believe we all have to listen in a real way". In the interview, Mike says that he wants his daughter to get a gun after there was a shooting at her college past year.

'That interview was filmed a week earlier to disparage a very noble campaign which I actually support, ' the rapper said. I don't get why Killer Mike would align himself with them. And they've earned being heard in one of the hardest ways possible. It's owed to them and many others.

He said in the videos that his interview about black gun ownership in the USA was recorded a week before the march.

John Oliver recently dedicated a lengthy segment to NRATV, framing the network as being primarily for the advertising of guns and, obviously, the support of viewpoints that encourage gun ownership.

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