Published: Sun, March 11, 2018
Industry | By Kenny Hampton

Valve Is Making Games Again, Says Gabe Newell

Valve Is Making Games Again, Says Gabe Newell

Following those comments, he addressed Artifact and how it was just the first of several impending Valve titles.

We got our hands on Artifact today, so be sure to keep an eye on IGN for our first impressions and in the meantime here's everything we know about it - including the fact that it has three new Dota 2 heroes.

Is this a good news? Thy lord Gaben hath descended from on high and proclaimed that Valve will actually be making games again. "That really started to worry us", Newell stressed, "because we thought that the strength of the PC is about its openness.So we started to make some investments to offset that". Steam is the go to gaming client for PC gamers and when the Steam application was put into hardware form with the consoles,'s safe to say that Newell and the team's focus shifted from software to a more hardware-centric bottom line.

No, there was no news on Half-Life 3, but if Valve comes back to software development and publishing, there's still a sliver of hope left.

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So why did Valve back away from game creation? In the past year or so, Valve has already admitted that they have a singleplayer game and three VR projects in the pipeline. After so many years of radio silence, it had seemed for a while as if Valve had entirely abandoned video game development entirely. Just a fun crossover, or a hint at what's to come? Previously, Newell has mentioned that Valve has plans for 3 VR titles as well as a single player title.

Said in classic Newell form (he's known to be a bit cheeky), his commentary definitely did little to dampen that fandom flame. "When Miyamoto is sitting down and thinking about the next version of Zelda or Mario, he's thinking what is the controller going to look like, what sort of graphics and other capabilities".

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Valve's CEO talked about how his company's hardware and software research has helped the games industry. "He can introduce new capabilities like motion input because he controls both of those things".

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