Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
Industry | By Kenny Hampton

Fortnite Battle Royale Now Has a New Replay System

Fortnite Battle Royale Now Has a New Replay System

The Port-a-Fort grenade is a rare item to find in-game that drops individually on the map.

Fortnite is now offline for maintenance, and when it comes back online shortly it'll be with Patch 3.5, which has a few exciting features above and belong the normal balance and bug fixes. There's a total of four, with Bullet Storm Jonesy (New Soldier Subclass), Harvester Sarah (New Ninja Subclass), Heavy BASE Kyle, and T.E.D.D.

Speed up and slow down the action for dramatic effect.

50v50 v2: Fortnite Battle Royale will get this new Limited Time Mode.

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Sean Hannity Accepts Jimmy Kimmel's 'Forced Disney' Apology
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Lakers Shock 10-Year G-League Vet Andre Ingram With NBA Contract
The 32-year-old has also scored the fifth-most points in league history (3,901) and won the 3-Point Contest in 2010 and 2016. The man himself had a huge smile on his face after the game, as he told ESPN: "It was excellent".

Multiple camera modes to choose from, including drone follow, drone attach, and third-person. These unique costumes and cosmetics are one of the main reasons why Fortnite remains as popular as it is and the developers at Epic Games only appear to be getting more creative. In our favourite change this patch, a "Builder Pro" button layout has been added for controllers, which assigns each building piece to a specific button, allowing for quick placement of walls and stairs rather than having to cycle through the floor pieces first.

There's also problems with the Epic Games email system, although this seems to be separate and not affecting people playing the game.

We've all heard the term "use your head", but this Zangief player takes that phrase quite literally when facing off against a pesky Urien.

The biggest change coming in V3.5 is a brand new replay system where your entire match is recorded as play data rather than as a video.

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