Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
Industry | By Kenny Hampton

Google's chief of AI is now working for Apple

Google's chief of AI is now working for Apple

Hiring the former Google exec has been called a massive victory for Apple.

This may all be set to change, however, with Apple's latest big move to hire the head of AI at Google. Apple which has brought the voice-based digital assistant to the fore-front lacks in terms of the research and the data when compared to its rivals. Giannandrea and Google announced early this week that he was stepping down from his role, but exactly where Giannandrea was going was unknown at the time. In fact, Giannandrea will be one of the 16 executives that report directly to Tim Cook, CEO at Apple.

According to, Apple needs strong talent to improve its AI and ML efforts which lag behind its competitors like Amazon and Google.

In March, technology site The Information detailed seven years of infighting within the Siri team at Apple, with multiple attempts to reorganise the basic technology that underpins the feature falling prey to internal politics which limited attempts to improve the overall product.

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Giannandrea stepped down from Google yesterday after years of heading up teams in a directive role, where he rarely got a chance to actually get his hands dirty.

"Our technology must be infused with the values we all hold dear", Cook said in an email to staff members obtained by The New York Times. Before joining Google in 2010, he was chief technology officer at Metaweb, a startup that was building technology that could act as the "database of the world's knowledge". Giannandrea will focus on AI technology that supports Siri, while Federighi will likely still oversee the user-facing components. This study supports data from about $1 billion in revenue, 315 million installs, 1,700 apps, and 1,200 mobile media partners.

In the February release of the Singular ROI Index, Apple did rank as one of the top five-performing search ad companies, rising from No 23 in 2016 to No. 6 in 2017 on iOS. Also, Apple took its own sweet time to be a part of an ethical AI research consortium co-founded by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM. Machine learning experts are in high demand in Silicon Valley, with salaries often exceeding eight figures.

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