Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
Research | By Dana Schwartz

Intel Rolls Out Core i9 Mobile Processors

Intel Rolls Out Core i9 Mobile Processors

Lastly, the popular GE Raider RGB edition is refreshed with the Intel Core i7-8700H processor, while graphics configuration remains unchanged with either a GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 GPU. Each subsequent generation has become increasingly powerful and quite competitive with Intel's notebook chips.

Intel's new Core i9 chips offer speeds up to 5GHz.

At the top of the stack, the 8th Gen Intel Core i9-8950HK processor is optimized to push the limits of performance. They are additionally in light of the organization's most recent 14nm++ engineering (known as Coffee Lake) rather than the past eighth-generation Kaby Lake R chips. This new Core i9 is above the Core i5 and Core i7 mobile h-series chips and another four U-series Core chips are aimed at lower power systems. Chips such as Radeon RX Vega M processors are suitable for the thinner and lightweight laptops preferred by the companies that want to mainlain less space.

With Intel still recovering from the Spectre and Meltdown disasters that affected almost all the chips it has ever manufactured, it's understandable that security is a huge concern for Intel users, and part of vPro's mission is to assuage those doubts. TDP remains 45W for both of these parts. It is the first mobile Intel processor with six cores and twelve threads. The hexa-core CPU would allow efficient management of multiple units. Hamberger said that if the chip runs at full speed then it will boost the single core by 200MHz to 4.8 GHz. Compared to the Core i5 8400U processor, this chip is 2.5 times more responsive and 2.1 times faster when it comes to office productivity compared to the five-year-old system.

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The flagship Core i7-8559U also comes with Iris Plus Graphics 655 IGP with 128MB of eDRAM and 300/1200MHz clocks. Find out all the key info about the new CPUs below.

AMD has its Ryzen platform, which will be upgraded to Ryzen 2 later this year as AMD seeks to keep the pressure on Intel, which as noted is great news for consumers wanting more bang for their buck. Numerous companies have already announced devices that will feature the mobile i9, including the new Gigabyte Aorus X9.

What About Intel Optane Technology? These are four core/eight thread chips that are likely to appear in more budget-friendly gaming laptops.

With its Data Drive Acceleration feature, users can boost performance to a large secondary HDD drive. It can be used to accelerate frequently used applications, games, and files.

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