Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
Finance | By Jaime Brady

Life sentence for Danish inventor who killed woman journalist on submarine

Life sentence for Danish inventor who killed woman journalist on submarine

A verdict in the gruesome murder of 30-year-old journalist Kim Wall is finally in and Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been found guilty of the crime.

Madsen's defence lawyer had said a six-month prison sentence would be fair punishment for dismembering Wall's body, but said that it had not been proven her client had murdered the journalist.

The court ruled that Madsen should stay in jail until his appeal hearing at the Western High Court in Copenhagen out of fear Madsen can influence witnesses. He initially said she died after hitting her head. Her dismembered torso was found days later at sea off Copenhagen, the AP reports.

Madsen previously admitted to mutilating her body but denied intentionally killing her, claiming she died in an onboard accident. All three were in agreement on the verdict, according to Burkoe. The prosecutor had asked for a life sentence for Madsen.

Both are considered the harshest penalties in Danish law. In Denmark, life equates to 16 years, which can be extended if necessary.

The brutality of this case has kept a global spotlight on the peaceful archipelago of Denmark since Wall's disappearance past year. In the court of public opinion the verdict was in long before the trial began. (AP) Police investigate Peter Madsen's submarine.

The court also heard that on the night Ms Wall is known to have died, he had googled the words beheading and girl and then watched a clip of a woman having her throat slit. He did confess to dismembering and disposing of Wall's body.

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Mr Buch-Jepsen wrapped up his case by urging the court to use "common sense" and convict Madsen of premeditated murder. "Much of the case against Madsen was built on his untrustworthiness, a psychological evaluation that found him narcissistic and lacking in empathy, and torture videos found on his computer".

The cause of death has never been established.

Madsen stood quietly listening because the decide learn out the decision, and later stated he'll seem the homicide conviction and life sentence.

During the trial, defense attorney Betina Hald Engmark argued that the prosecution's case was based mainly on circumstantial evidence, none of which proved Madsen committed murder.

In January, prosecutors in Copenhagen announced that in addition to a homicide charge, Madsen would face accusations that included "indecent handling of a corpse, and other sexual relations than intercourse with the female Swedish journalist, Kim Wall".

Wall graduated with a bachelor's degree in global relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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