Published: Mon, April 30, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

Monsoon threatens tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees

Monsoon threatens tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees

A delegation from Qatar Charity visited the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh and a number of orphanages and schools sponsored by the charity in different parts of the country to provide relief aid and organize many activities. Muslims in an overwhelmingly Buddhist nation, most live in poverty in Myanmar's Rakhine state, next to Bangladesh.

"I am here to talk to them, we want justice from them", he said of the diplomats.

The Security Council members are making their way to the region.

"We are here to learn more about the situation in order to see how [what] we can do", Velasqez, Peru's ambassador to the United Nations, said at a news conference after visiting the camp.

"It shows the scale of the challenge as we try as a Security Council to find some way through that enables these poor people to go home", said British UN Ambassador Karen Pierce, who was approached by several crying women and girls.

During the visit to refugee camps in Cox's Bazar, the delegation contributed to the implementation of the relief programs including the distribution of dry food baskets containing food items such as rice, onions, potatoes, lentils, salt, sugar, oil and milk as well as hygiene materials.

"This is indeed a very complex issue. The UNSC members now understand the depth of the problem", he said adding that the delegation members highly appreciated prime minister Sheikh Hasina and her government's efforts. The Muslim population in Rakhine has either been decimated or fled to Bangladesh.

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Although inviting members of the UNSC to Rakhine State could ease worldwide criticism against the government for lack of transparency and media freedom, it is important to be prepared for consequences if Myanmar fails to meet their expectations, said Daw Pyone Kay Thi Naing, a member of the Lower House global relations committee in Myanmar, said a recent report by The Irrawaddy.

After visiting Kutupalong Rohingya camp, the delegation members told reporters that they witnessed the situation and will see the situation on other side of the border to come up with their final observation. The demonstrators waved placards demanding justice for atrocities against the refugees until they were dispersed by police.

Earlier, the state minister of foreign affairs briefed the UN Security Council on a crisis that has been with Bangladesh for decades and called for consensus of the Security Council.

In a report headlined "UN envoys eye action on Rohingya refugee crisis" TRT World wrote that the visit puts global spotlight back on the crisis amid warnings by the United Nations, aid groups and Myanmar's panel of worldwide advisers on Rohingya issues that the coming monsoon season might worsen the humanitarian situation.

The delegates were scheduled to travel to Myanmar from Dhaka on Monday for meetings with government officials and an expected tour of violence-scarred Rakhine state, the home of the stateless Rohingya.

While the Security Council is united on traveling to the region, there is resistance by Burma's ally China and Russian Federation - both veto-wielding powers on the council - over how involved the 15-member body should be.

The Rohingyas suffered "very much" from this violence, pointing to an army crackdown that sent about 700,000 refugees fleeing to Bangladesh since Aug 25, 2017.

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