Published: Mon, April 02, 2018
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Nolan calls for return to shooting on film

Nolan calls for return to shooting on film

Also, he is being accompanied by Emma Thomas, his wife as well as visual artist Tacita Dean. "Apologised for seeing Dunkirk in the digital format and in return I am sending Hey Ram in digital format for him to see".

Oscar-nominated director Christopher Nolan said it isn't about Film versus Digital but about preserving film medium for future generation.

Not just King Khan but the latest entrant of Indian politics Kamal Haasan also shared a picture of himself with the Ace director on Friday. A visionary filmmaker, who has brought futuristic cinema to the big screen, he insists he's a traditionalist as far as filmmaking is concerned. He felt people weren't aware of the importance of the medium and it was up to us to become advocates for film's coexistence with the digital format. Nolan and Tacita Dean are coming to support the cause of celluloid film.

Dean opined: "Well, the idea is surely not about film versus digital, it is about film plus digital".

Christopher Nolan and Tacita Dean have been raising awareness amongst the global film fraternity towards the cause of saving celluloid. "But at the moment it's really about getting people to experience and getting them to hand these equipments".

Not again! Snow warning for Lincoln on Easter Monday
Weather models are predicting lower-than-normal temperatures and, yes, even opportunities (plural) for wet snow. However as wind patterns have changed, the majority of the cold air is now expected to blow in from the East.

April's Games with Gold will include The Witness and Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Each month, anyone with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription can claim up to four games that will all work with their Xbox One . Among the new additions are two major games: The Witness from Jonathan Blow and Assassin's Creed Syndicate from Ubisoft.

SoftBank, Saudi Arabia announce massive US$200B solar power project
SoftBank Group's Vision Fund will invest in creating the world's biggest solar power project in Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported . Despite being one of the world's sunniest countries, Saudi Arabia generates most of its electricity from oil-fired power plants.

"There are odds that one faces in the process of filmmaking. financing the film, shooting the film. odds are there in it. I want to watch more of them".

Chris Chris, Nolan Nolan... diehard fans chanted this slogan in unison, (an ode to his "Dark Knight" trilogy) at the special Mumbai screening of "Dunkirk" (in IMAX 70 mm) on Saturday.

"Film-making is full of is not about being logical and's about magic, dreams, experiences and bracing your emotional side", Nolan said after a dialogue in Mumbai, the home of Bollywood.

Living in a digital era where filmmakers are showing interest in making virtual reality films, one of the draw back that celluloid films always get is, how shooting films is more expensive as compare to digital format. "In America, there are theatre chains that conduct workshops, something that Shivendra (Singh Dungarpur, founder of Film Heritage Foundation) is also doing in India".

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