Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

Trump's Latest Tweet Takes Down Amazon Stock, Nasdaq

Trump's Latest Tweet Takes Down Amazon Stock, Nasdaq

President Donald Trump has lobbed attacks against Amazon over its taxes and what it pays the Post Office for days.

Advisers have encouraged Trump to cancel Amazon's multi-billion-dollar cloud computing contract with the Defense Department, Vanity Fair reported late Monday.

But the source made clear that, given Trump's dissatisfaction with the company, policy changes were possible.

Despite Trump's repeated attacks via Twitter and in meetings with foreign leaders, Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs and Spencer Soper reported Tuesday that neither Trump nor the White House have so far made any progress on developing a plan to go after Amazon - even amid the almost week-long crusade from the president.

His latest tweet, sticks with the argument "that Amazon is costing the United States Postal Service massive amounts of money for being their delivery boy".

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It's unlikely Trump will actually attack Amazon for one big reason: the stock market. In a pair of Twitter messages Saturday, Trump said Amazon "must pay real costs (and taxes) now!" "If you look at the cost that we're subsidizing, we're giving a subsidy to Amazon".

In an extensive piece published yesterday, Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman alleged that Donald Trump is contemplating a full-blown campaign against Jeff Bezos and his company.

Bezos, whom Forbes magazine ranks as the world's richest man with an estimated net worth of $115.6 billion, owns 78.89 million Amazon shares, worth about $110 billion at Tuesday's market close.

Corporations may have their own reasons to applaud the Trump Administration's tax bill, but there has been a lot of criticism.

White House officials said the same thing last week after Trump attacked Amazon in a tweet. Future actions to punish Amazon could, then, be seen as an abuse of power. He accused the online retailer of using the US Postal System as their "Delivery Boy" which was "causing tremendous loss to the U.S.".

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