Published: Tue, May 29, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

After Dramatic Rescue, France Makes 'Spider-Man' a Citizen

After Dramatic Rescue, France Makes 'Spider-Man' a Citizen

Gassama reportedly arrived in France previous year, after crossing the Mediterranean and arriving in Italy.

A migrant from Mali was hailed as a hero after scaling the building and pulling the young boy to safety. "I went straight up", Gassama, who wore jeans and a short-sleeved patterned shirt, told Macron, recounting the episode. He said he heard the honking of horns and people in the streets shouting and didn't stop to think, running across the road to save the small boy.

He personally thanked Mr Gassama, gave him a medal for courage and said he would also be offered a role in the fire service.

"I love children, I wouldn't have wanted something to happen to him in front of me", he said to BFMTV.

The family of the young boy he saved thanked him Tuesday for his quick thinking.

The video went viral and Gassama, who has been nicknamed "Spider-Man" for reaching the boy in the nick of time, was swiftly granted a meeting at the Elysee Palace.

Macron said the rescue was "an exceptional act, an act of heroism", and told Gassama "we will start the process of naturalization so that you can become French".

Gassama, 22, scaled four floors of an apartment building in France on Saturday to rescue the four-year-old who was spotted dangling from a balcony.

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Video shows him quickly climbing to reach the child, cheered on by onlookers, resulting in people calling him a real-life spiderman.

"It raises a lot of questions when you know what this government is doing". "You need courage and the capability to do that".

The boy's paternal grandmother, who also lives in Reunion, told RMC radio Tuesday that she was "very moved" by the images of the rescue and sent "huge thanks" to Gassama.

"Bravo! Mamoudou Gassama is a hero!" he wrote in a Facebook post.

"What you have done corresponds with what firefighters do; if this fits your wishes, you could join the firefighters' corps so that you can do [such acts] on a daily basis", Mr Macron said.

The boy's father was arrested for allegedly leaving his son unattended to go shopping, Le Parisien reported. Working as a firefighter corresponds with his skills, said Macron, who opened the door for him to do just that.

He will appear in court in September, facing two years in prison or a fine of up to €30,000 for child neglect.

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