Published: Sun, May 13, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

Hawaii Kilauea volcano could soon explode in once-in-a-century eruption

Hawaii Kilauea volcano could soon explode in once-in-a-century eruption

PAHOA, Hawaii Kilauea volcano is threatening to blow its top in coming days or weeks after sputtering lava for a week, forcing about 2,000 people to evacuate, destroying two dozen homes and threatening a geothermal plant. "Thank goodness that everyone's alive and safe".

Trump approved the Hawaii governor's request declaring the state a "major disaster" late Friday night ahead of warnings that continuing volcanic eruptions could cause huge damage to the islands and its residents. Lava from the Kilauea eruption has gobbled up streets, cars and homes, with at least 36 structures destroyed so far.

"We are telling people to plan for the worst". Temperatures were so high, it described the asphalt road as "mushy" from the heat.

Not only does Arizona have volcanoes, but it's likely that some day the state will see eruptions similar to what Hawaii has been experiencing.

Volcanologists believe these explosions happen when a lava lake - a large volume of molten lava often contained in a crater or volcanic vent - drops and groundwater is able to seep into the resulting shaft, or lava tube. The projectiles, initially traveling at ballistic speeds, could be as light as pebbles or weigh several tons.

The Volcano Observatory says they can not predict with certainty if or when these steam driven explosions will occur or how large they might be.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park visitors watch as an ash plume rises from the Halemaumau crater within the Kilauea volcano summit caldera. The restriction ends Tuesday, according to the FAA. During that event a large company of Hawaiian warriors "was engulfed in a stream of hurricane force winds, composed of hot steam and sulfuric gases" known as a pyroclastic surge, according to the National Park Service.

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An HV0 geologist examines a part of the inactive fissure 10 in Leilani Estates in Hawaii, U.S. May 8, 2018. A short law flowed moved northeast and crossed Kookupu St.

The fresh warning came after Donald Trump declared a major disaster on Hawaii's Big Island.

The declaration would allow federal funds to flow to state and local efforts in Hawaii.

Neal said a chemical analysis of the lava that's erupted since last week indicated it's from magma that had been stored in the ground since a 1955 eruption.

Increased levels of sulfur dioxide gas could give rise to acid rain, though experts say it won't be unsafe.

Charles Mandeville, the volcano hazards coordinator for the US Geological Survey, pointed to six "massive" explosions at Kilauea in the past few thousand years.

The USGS's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory issued a notice in mid-April that there were signs of pressure building in underground magma, and a new vent could form on the cone or along what is known as the East Rift Zone - along which Leilani Estates sits.

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