Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

Scotland refused to support the bill on Brexit

Scotland refused to support the bill on Brexit

It is important people have a say in decisions affecting them, and the Rural Parliament is an important part of that process, allowing rural communities from across Scotland to discuss and agree priority areas for development and local democracy.

The two Governments aim to settle their long-running dispute over where powers returning to the United Kingdom post-Brexit should be held.

Although the Scottish Parliament has no veto over the bill, the refusal to give consent is likely to cause a constitutional clash between Westminster and Holyrood.

Mr Mundell said Brexit would leave the Scottish Parliament with more powers and responsibilities than it now has, and pointed out it had recently been handed powers over income tax the welfare system.

PA Wire/PA Images First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during a Scottish Government debate on legislative consent to the European Union withdrawal bill at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Scottish lawmakers voted 93-30 against May's European Union withdrawal bill.

The governing party at Holyrood, the Scottish Nationalists Party (SNP), won backing from Labour, Liberal Democrats and Greens MSPs to inflict the blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May's government.

Scottish Parliament poised to reject EU Withdrawal Bill amid devolution row

The Scottish Government argues that all powers not now reserved to Westminster should automatically be devolved.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, he challenged Mrs May to "respect the will of the Scottish Parliament and work with the Scottish government to amend the Withdrawal Bill".

The row centres on a set of powers which are technically devolved to the Scottish Parliament, but which are now decided at Brussels to ensure rules and regulations are the same across the EU. But Westminster has identified 24 areas, including agriculture, fisheries and public procurement, where it wants to temporarily retain powers to ensure an orderly withdrawal from the EU.

All the governments have agreed there needs to be UK-wide frameworks for these areas, and talks involving all four administrations are ongoing.

"The Scottish issue is just one among many headaches", Akash Paun, senior fellow at the Institute for Government in London told Bloomberg.

Scotland voted against independence by 55 percent in a referendum in 2014, but Sturgeon insists she has a mandate to hold a second vote since Scotland voted against Brexit by 62 percent in 2016. Now she's at risk of having to impose British sovereignty against the will of the Scottish Parliament unless there's a compromise on what the Scots are calling a "power grab".

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