Published: Wed, May 30, 2018
Finance | By Jaime Brady

Tesla sedan in autopilot crashes into parked police auto

Tesla sedan in autopilot crashes into parked police auto

A Tesla Model S crashed into a parked police vehicle while reportedly driving on autopilot in Laguna Beach, California, injuring the Tesla driver and badly damaging the cop auto.

Photos of the incident were tweeted by Laguna Beach Police Department Public Information Sergeant Jim Cota on Tuesday (this morning United Kingdom time).

Another Tesla has crashed and reports say that the driver had been utilizing the vehicle's semi-autonomous driving feature, Autopilot, immediately preceding the accident.

A Tesla on autopilot crashed into a semi-truck in the exact same area on April 10, 2017, Cota told KTLA.

A Tesla driver claims her Model S was in Autopilot mode when it crashed.

The collision happened at 11:07AM local time, Laguna Beach PD told the LA Times.

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The incident comes mere weeks after a new transport bill came into effect across California that eased restrictions on driverless cars, legally permitting the vehicles to be controlled remotely without a driver behind the wheel - at a time when public trust in such vehicles is waning.

The crash represents at least the third time this year that a Tesla reported to be on Autopilot has hit a parked emergency vehicle. Cota said. "We're just lucky that people aren't getting injured". In the settlement, Tesla will pay the customers $20 to $280 and put $5 million into a fund for lawyers' fees and other costs in the case. The driver was traveling at 60 miles (97 km) per hour when the Model S smashed into a fire truck stopped at a red light, according to police.

The carmaker says the function is not created to avoid a collision and warns drivers not to rely on it entirely.

Elon Musk's tetchy mood of late is unlikely to be lightened by the latest report of a Tesla crash.

For its part, Tesla reiterated that it "continuously" reminds Autopilot users that they need to keep their hands on the steering wheel. There have been a series of accidents involving Tesla vehicles on autopilot.

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