Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Finance | By Jaime Brady

US Senate approves net neutrality bill

US Senate approves net neutrality bill

On a 52-47 vote, the Senate passed a resolution that would block the repeal of net neutrality rules.

The Senate voted Wednesday to pass a measure that would repeal changes to net neutrality rules that were recently adopted by the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission.

Senate supporters of the FCC rules put forward the legislation under the Congressional Review Act, a law that permits Congress to revisit - and reject - decisions by administrative agencies within a certain window of their approval. Critics, including the Trump administration, said over-regulation was stifling innovation.

The effort, which has built momentum in recent weeks, also is meant to elevate net neutrality as a political issue in the fall elections.

Plus, even if this measure does pass through both houses of Congress, it would have to be signed into law by Trump, who has spoken negatively of net neutrality, because of course he has.

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But Pai did so despite widespread support for the rules; a survey taken around the time of the FCC's December vote found that an overwhelming majority of Americans supported keeping them in place, including most Republican voters.

This issue doesn't cut along clean party lines, said Steven Kull, who runs the Program for Public Consultation at the University of Maryland and has studied public attitudes on net neutrality.

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Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., speaks in favor of net neutrality regulations at a press conference.

Roger Nishi, vice president of industry relations at Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, said the federal regulations will not impact their services. "Because of the popularity of net neutrality, it is very hard for anyone to say they don't support net neutrality". Multiple surveys show widespread popular support for net neutrality and opposition to the FCC rollback.

Accordingly, the vote will likely become a mid-term campaign issue for Democrats. "This bill will restore a free and open internet, putting businesses, classrooms, and health care just a click away".

Sarah Morris, director of open internet policy at New America's Open Technology Institute, who helped organize the protest, said the American people were heard today.

Some in favor of repealing net neutrality have argued lifting the regulations will lift financial burdens on internet service providers and enable them to build out rural broadband infrastructure. The rare victory for Democrats is sure to be short-lived, with a similar resolution expected to die in the House, where Republicans have a larger majority.

"Net Neutrality is like naming something fuzzy bunny rabbit".

Collins announced her support in January, but Kennedy and Murkowski had been undecided.

There are two major elements of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. A group of 22 states have sued the FCC over the repeal.

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