Published: Mon, June 04, 2018
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Microsoft has acquired GitHub

Microsoft has acquired GitHub

The reports that Microsoft has signed a deal to acquire Github come just weeks after the technology giant said the company had struck a new deal with the Git repository operator. The terms of the deal aren't known yet. The Git-repository hosting service, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, was last valued in 2015, with an estimate of US$2 billion being placed on the company. It also helps Microsoft, which is increasingly relying on open-source software, to add programming tools and tie up with a company that has become a key part of the way Microsoft writes its own software. GitHub didn't return an email seeking request for comment.

Despite all those users, Github was not making money, and it probably wasn't long for the world as a independent company. Many corporations, including Microsoft and Alphabet Inc.'s Google, use GitHub to store their corporate code and to collaborate.

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They can also use Gitlab, which quickly capitalized on developer angst Sunday with a live YouTube video explaining how to get up and running with its similar service, although less than 200 people were watching it when I joined about ten minutes after it got started. While GitHub's losses have been significant - it lost $66 million over three quarters in 2016 - it had revenue of $98 million in nine months of that year. The stepping down of CEO Chris Wanstrath past year created slight feelings of unease, and a replacement is yet to be found for him. Chief Business Officer Julio Avalos joined the company's board of directors and now serves as the day-to-day face and leadership of the company, Bloomberg noted. While Microsoft share prices rose at the news, GitHub users are less convinced that the move would be a good idea.

The coding company is one of the biggest resources in the world for software developers.

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