Published: Tue, June 26, 2018
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Protests spread, outcry continues against Trump administration’s harsh immigration crackdown

Protests spread, outcry continues against Trump administration’s harsh immigration crackdown

The House is expected to vote on the more moderate bill Friday, according to multiple media reports.

One woman, Cindy Madrid from El Salvador, repeatedly dictated her US-resident sister's phone number to her six-year-old daughter before she crossed the border and the family was separated.

Days after insisting that Congress act immediately, President Donald Trump is telling Republicans to "stop wasting their time" on immigration until after the November elections.

"Once you end up talking with one parent they tell you that there are 70 other parents in their dorm that are also separated and can I help them", she said, adding that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had asked her to share the information so they could assist. Parents were jailed and children taken to government-contracted shelters.

Protests and rallies focused around the separation of families at the U.S. -Mexico border are scheduled this weekend, while more than two dozen congressional Democrats plan to visit detention facilities in Texas. Mr Trump's order says that families could remain together in detention instead of separating children from parents illegally crossing into the country.

President Donald Trump on Friday told his fellow Republicans in Congress to "stop wasting their time" on immigration legislation until after November, dismissing his party's struggle to surmount internal divisions.

Trump tweets Sunday that the US immigration system is "laughed at all over the world" and is "very unfair" to individuals using legal avenues to gain entry.

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The assessment of Trump's changes isn't much different at the White House, where officials were caught off guard by his sudden shifts this week on immigration - including his reversal in signing an executive order to halt the separation of immigrant families at the border. "Tho they would not let us pass through, knowing that those children were there on the other side of the barbed wires, in a desert where the heat was easily over 100, made me want to fight even harder to". He said Democrats would be playing defense on the issue of families if Republicans were to force them to vote on a it. In recent weeks, more than 2,300 children were taken from their families under a "zero-tolerance" policy in which people entering the US illegally face prosecution.

Also, Trump is taking a risk by asking Republicans to push off a vote until after the election.

Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, D-Md., the second highest ranking Democrat in the House, said the president has rejected immigration proposals even as he's shamed lawmakers to do their jobs.

While noting that most Border Patrol workers at the facility were trying to do the best they can, Himes said the Congressional delegation was there to see that the children receive "the values and ethic good treatment that we are here to demand".

But the Navy has not so far been asked to provide accommodation for migrants who have entered USA illegally, and the official, who asked not to be named, stressed that the draft memo, which looks at setting up housing on Navy airfields in Alabama, was for planning purposes only.

In a second tweet today, he says that the border has posed challenges to the country but since Schumer and Pelosi who are democrats are a week on border security and crime, will have to do something to provide a long-term solution to the problem. In one tweet, he used the loaded term "infest" to reference the influx of immigrants entering the country illegally.

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