Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
Sport | By Ashley Hunter

Would you trade Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier for Kawhi Leonard?

Would you trade Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier for Kawhi Leonard?

Per a report from Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News, it was a "good" meeting.

How the Spurs are operating, per multiple sources from teams that have checked in on Kawhi Leonard in recent days: We're not shopping him, but if you want to make us an offer, go ahead, we'll consider it.

Before the meeting took place, Leonard did not want to sit down with Popovich and purposefully made himself "difficult" for the Spurs to reach. It was previously reported that Popovich was focused on mending fences with his All-Star, just as he did with Aldridge. It's likely due to Leonard's desire to no longer play in San Antonio and to join the Los Angeles Lakers, whether it's via trade or 2019 free agency, as was added in the report. Although the ESPN report noted San Antonio's lack of interest in engaging the Magic Johnson-led front office in negotiations, it's hard to believe there would not be at least one phone call made.

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"Among the issues, Leonard is angry over what he believes was the Spurs' mishandling of his quad injury, and he remains irate with public comments from teammate Tony Parker and Popovich that he felt were not supportive of him, league sources said". Gregg Popovich has stated many times his unwillingness to trade any star player to a team in his conference and set them up to succeed for years to come, so a trade to the Lakers is unlikely to happen. Leonard was eventually cleared by the Spurs medical staff, but declined to return to the court. He is eligible to sign a five-year, $219 million super maximum contract with the Spurs this summer.

According to ESPN's report, Popovich has been seeking a meeting with Leonard for weeks, but Leonard has made it hard to set up a meeting.

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