Published: Thu, July 26, 2018
Finance | By Jaime Brady

Trump and Junker pull back from trade war

Trump and Junker pull back from trade war

The Post credited "two people briefed on the plan" as sources. That American farmers have been hard hit is no accident.

Marcel Fratzscher, head of the Berlin-based DIW economic institute, said the meeting had produced "a deescalation but not yet the all-clear" and warned of US possibly "manipulating" the World Trade Organization for its own goals and "further weakening multilateralism". While the U.S.'s tariffs on imports from China, the EU, Canada and Mexico have been relatively blunt, those levied in retaliation have been targeted with great precision at Trump's base, which includes the producers of products such as pork and soybeans. This caused the price of sorghum to drop significantly, and forced ships full of sorghum heading to China to change course.

West Tennessee farmers react to agricultural tariffs put in place on their products sold to other countries. He also spoke of the soybean import increase and working toward reforms of the WTO.

Juncker said the European Union already imports 35 percent of its natural gas from USA producers, but will work to buy more.

Brussels already retaliated against the steel and aluminium tariffs, imposing punitive duties on over US$3 billion (S$4.09 billion) of United States goods, including blue jeans, bourbon and motorcycles, as well as orange juice, rice and corn. And China's tariffs are sowing anger and fear. If you want to scare Beijing into thinking twice about stealing IP, you'll get further faster with a joint U.S. -EU effort than by going it alone.

Where is the $12 billion coming from?

"I am very impressed that he remembered his commitment and, to the tune of $12 billion, is trying to step up and do what he said he would do", Lucas said.

The president is activating a seldom-used Department of Agriculture emergency program to buy excess crops and commodities.

President Trump says it’s ‘sad’ Cohen recorded him
Cohen has a lot more information to release, and he apparently doesn't care whether it puts Trump in harm's way. Giuliani went as far as to say Cohen was reimbursed up to $470,000 (later revising it down to $420,000).

Mbappe, Modric on 10-man list for FIFA best player award
France could sweep the main awards with Didier Deschamps and Zinedine Zidane heading 11 candidates for the best men's coach. The award will be decided by votes from national team captains, coaches, journalists and fans.

Google shrugs off $5.1 billion fine with another big quarter
For a company that was just hit with staggering $ 5 billion fine , Google and parent company Alphabet are as unbothered as ever. Factoring out traffic-acquisition costs, revenue totaled $26.2 billion, above the $25.6 billion analysts had expected.

"We're still optimistic things are going to turn around and that the president is going to continue negotiating with these other countries and come to some sort of agreement with them that opens the markets back to full, fair and free trade", he said. "All will be Great!" he concluded.

But Trump has form in doing U-turns, and U-turns on U-turns, on his own commitments.

The president met with a group of lawmakers from agriculture states and districts later Wednesday to discuss that package and his ever-expanding trade conflicts. And American consumers are the ones who get hit with USA -imposed tariffs.

"The correct action from other nations would be to stop their bad behavior not to retaliate with illegal tariffs".

'Tariffs are taxes that punish American consumers and producers, ' Kentucky GOP Sen.

Senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, tweeted on Tuesday: "If tariffs punish farmers, the answer is not welfare for farmers".

Still, however, the Republicans in the room brought up that farmers are now feeling significant pain because of shrinking markets, and that the administration needs to finalize and rework trade agreements with foreign partners as soon as possible.

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