Published: Mon, August 13, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

'Grieving' Orca Mother Finally Abandons Dead Calf After Two Weeks

'Grieving' Orca Mother Finally Abandons Dead Calf After Two Weeks

However, Center for Whale Research founder Ken Balcomb said he was relieved to see J35 displaying typical behaviour once again after abandoning her calf's decomposing carcass.

As Allyson Chiu wrote for The Washington Post, the pod of killer whales that roams between Vancouver and San Juan Island has dwindled to 75 members over the decades. The mother, preventing her baby from sinking, had been nudging it toward the surface of the Pacific off the coast of Canada and the Northwestern United States.

"Her tour of grief is now over and her behavior is remarkably frisky", according to a statement on the Center for Whale Research's website.

Researchers said J35 towed the calf for almost 1,000 miles over a span of 17 days. Researchers attribute the decline to a lack of Chinook salmon, as well as increased pollution, vessel traffic and noise.

August 11, 2018 J35 update: "The ordeal of J35 carrying her dead calf for at least seventeen days and 1,000 miles is..."

The orca gave birth on July 24 in what should have been a happy milestone for her long-suffering clan.

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Researchers with the Canadian and USA governments and other organisations tracked her all the while, the Seattle Times wrote.

This continued for 17 days, with Tahlequah pushing the calf along in waters near Canada's Vancouver Island.

The mother is now surrounded by members of her clan, known as J pod, who stay to support her through the grieving process.

While scientists had previously held fears for Tahlequah's health due to not eating, Mr Balcomb confirmed she seemed physically stable. She is no longer carrying her baby, and she looks healthy.

The orca's unusually long spell of grieving came to an end on Saturday, when Tahlequah was spotted in the Haro Strait off Victoria, British Columbia, chasing a school of salmon without her newborn. "Orcas. are charismatic megafauna", she said.

"It's just really neat to see how much people care, and how much people are concerned, and the sense of stewardship people have for their environment around them, particularly here in B.C.", said the veterinarian.

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