Published: Tue, August 28, 2018
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Sacha Baron Cohen targets O.J. Simpson in ‘Who Is America?’ finale

Sacha Baron Cohen targets O.J. Simpson in ‘Who Is America?’ finale

The half-hour Showtime series finished its seven-episode run on Sunday night, and, if Cohen's Twitter is to be believed, the season finale was actually a series finale.

Sacha Baron Cohen's quest to answer the question of Who Is America? has come to an end.

The "Who Is America" segment is dedicated to Baron Cohen's dogged persistence in getting Simpson to admit to the double murders that he has sworn up and down that he did not commit.

Disguised as his Italian character Gio Monaldo, Baron Cohen tried to explain to his character's girlfriend who Simpson is by recalling his sports and movie career. At one point, Monaldo makes stabbing gestures, and his girlfriend appears to understand who he is based on that. "She knows that", Simpson said. After Christina left, Gio admitted that "sometimes I want to kill her", and the two laughed and high-fives as they joked about how he could do it (options included sending her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon and making sure that her bungee jump cord is too long). "We both, how you say, lady killers?"

Over the course of Who Is America?

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After telling a fictional tale about how his wife committed suicide, Gio then says, "We got something in common". Frank, one of the few liberal politicians to have found themselves in Cohen's crosshairs, emphatically dismissed Ruddick's assertion that President Trump "is the greatest president that this country has ever seen".

Simpson, again laughing, waved off the suggestion, saying, "No, I didn't kill nobody".

In July, Palin started a media storm, claiming on Facebook she had been "duped" by Baron Cohen and "fallen victim to the evil, exploitive (sic), sick "humour" " during an interview, which ultimately did not air. Host Robin Roberts even pointed out that Palin was inadvertently giving a show she hated free publicity.

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appeared in two films in 2016 and then disappeared from screens for two years, laying dormant as he planned his next move.

O.J. denied he could reveal any details about their murder, contending: "Well, first of all, she wasn't my wife".

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