Published: Wed, September 19, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

Imran Khan arrives in Jeddah after visiting Prophet's Mosque

Imran Khan arrives in Jeddah after visiting Prophet's Mosque

United Nations surveys suggest that around 60 percent of Afghan refugees were either born in Pakistan or were minors when their parents migrated to Pakistan.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will arrive in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, following a landmark trip to Saudi Arabia where he was expected to seek a multi-billion dollar bailout to try to stave off economic crisis.

"If he gives citizenship and passports and access to public services to a million and a half people, those people may well become loyal voters of his", Kliment said. "It happens in all countries around the world, so why not here?"

They have long complained of discrimination and harassment, while a lack of national identification papers mean they can be barred from work, education and healthcare.

Relations between the neighbours have deteriorated in recent years, with Kabul accusing Islamabad of harbouring Taliban militants who carry out attacks across the border. By embracing Bangladeshis and Afghans, Khan also gets to project himself above other Islamic parties in the assembly, many of whom have their own "vote banks"; granting the refugees citizenship would help Khan's claim as the leader of all.

Donald Trump is ‘very seriously’ considering more troops in Poland
Mexico may not pay for a border wall, but Poland has offered to pay to build a permanent military base for the U.S. "The [Polish] president offered us much more than $2 billion, so we're looking at it".

Razer Phone 2 set to launch on October 10, company sends invite
A few of the smartphone's specifications and features have been confirmed via the company's executives or benchmarking websites . For the first version of Razer Phone , the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and the 8 GB of RAM is not the most interesting thing.

UN, Turkey, Iran, Russia to talk on Syrian constitution
The Turkish army has also sent troops into Syrian rebel-held territory further east, in an area north of Aleppo city. But he stressed that "there are 100 civilians, a lot of them women and children, for every fighter in Idlib".

Pakistani authorities have lately complained that Taliban insurgents waging attacks inside Afghanistan have been using the refugee communities as hiding places.

Pakistan's debt and liabilities rose sharply to almost Rs 30 trillion or 87% of total size of the economy at the end of previous fiscal year, according to media reports.

The auction, which was meant to earn as much as $16 million to help fill Pakistan's coffers, netted just $600,000 on Monday, the BBC reports.

"Why are they treated without dignity?"

"The people of this deprived class can't get jobs without ID cards and passports, so our government has chose to issue them computerised national identity cards and passports", Khan added.

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