Published: Sat, September 01, 2018
Finance | By Jaime Brady

This life-size, drivable Bugatti is made out of 1 million Legos

This life-size, drivable Bugatti is made out of 1 million Legos

The team set out with the idea that 90 percent of the auto had to be built with Lego parts.

To get the auto moving it's powered by 2,304 Power Functions motors - the same kind you can get in many regular Lego sets - that use 4,032 Technic gears.

"For over 40 years, LEGO Technic has allowed fans of all ages to test their creativity with a building system that challenges them to go beyond just creating new designs, to also engineering new functions", Dixen adds.

Overall, 339 types of Lego Technic pieces have gone into it and there's not a single drop of glue holding the vehicle together, we're being told by Bugatti.

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This includes working head and tail lights, doors that open and close, a lavishly detailed interior with a steering wheel, dashboard, gear shifter, seats, brake pedal, and mirrors.

LEGO has built a drivable Bugatti and it took over a million pieces to do it. The only bits not made of Lego elements are the steel roll cage, Chiron wheels and a steel frame, according to Top Gear. Incredibly, no glue was used to hold the parts together either, a rarity even for large-scale static LEGO models, let alone one that can be driven. Lego said in the Thursday announcement that the model is the first large-scale movable auto made of bricks. LEGO, you have truly outdone yourselves with this build.

It tops out at just 12 miles per hour, and its motors generate a total of 5.3 horsepower, a far cry from the 1,479 horses that an actual Chiron makes, but I don't care.

Joking aside, the Lego Technic version of the Bugatti Chiron is a full-sized achievement. For a auto powered by toy motors, though, it's still impressive-it can travel at speeds of around 12.5 miles per hour, though the company says it can theoretically go up to 18 miles an hour.

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