Published: Sat, October 27, 2018
Industry | By Kenny Hampton

Google Makes It Easier to Review and Delete Your Search Data

Google Makes It Easier to Review and Delete Your Search Data

Select "Delete all Search activity" to erase the entire history or "Delete last hour" to only erase searches made in the last 60 minutes.

We've all been able to delete our Google search history in our browser but now Google is allowing users to delete their actual search data. The features are also available under "Control your data in Google Search" on the search engine's homepage. The company revealed that these features are rolling out soon for the web and mobile user as of now, and will soon roll out for the iOS and Android users in the coming weeks.

Google says it plans to expand these privacy control efforts to Google Maps in 2019, followed by releases in "many" other Google products.

Miraglia said that up until now, the best way for users to review or manage data, would have been to visit their Google Account. Now, the procedure has become easy and convenient.

The internet giant is also providing users quick access information regarding the ads they see while searching under Ad Settings. And more importantly, you will be able to delete your search activity on Google.

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Utilizing the powers of Google Search come at the cost of sharing data.

With a company as far-reaching as Google, concerns about user data are naturally always at the forefront (or at least they should be).

Google discovered and remedied the issue in March, but didn't publicly acknowledge the problem until it was reported in the media.

The new controls seem to be in response to a growing trend with tech companies being pulled up on issues of privacy.

Google is now making it easier to control and delete your Search data from within Search. You can now quickly erase this history from Google's search results rather than heading to the Google Account dashboard. Ad personalisation can be similarly switched off. Google recently also had announced tighter privacy policies for third party apps on its Play Store.

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