Published: Sat, October 13, 2018
Industry | By Kenny Hampton

Google to send Pixel 3 smartphone into Asia

Google to send Pixel 3 smartphone into Asia

YouTube TV and Premium bundled in with the new Slate and Home Hub, and the continuation of two-year unlimited photo uploads for Pixel customers are pretty good value, but it's also a stepping stone to increase the subscriber base of these platforms longterm.

Take advantage of the Assistant in the lock screen: After opting-in through your Assistant settings, the Assistant can respond to queries like "Hey Google, what's next on my calendar?" without unlocking your Pixel 3 each time. Analysts are also expecting Google to add higher resolution and more cameras to the Pixel, whose first two generations attracted rave reviews for its high-quality pictures. Google has sold an estimated 7 million Pixels over the past two years, nearly imperceptible next to the 3.6 billion phones shipped during that time, according to the research firm International Data Corp. Although this case has been thrown out of court by a United Kingdom judge this past Monday, it's still cause for concern.

Last year's Pixel 2 arrived with bugs that prompted user complaints about unwanted noises during calls, a crashing camera app and an unexpected screen tint. This new feature will hopefully come to all Pixel phones, including the Pixel 3 handsets, some time next month. Additionally, the Pixel 3 lately with a price tag of CNY 4,999 (roughly Rs. 52,800). Pixel 3's shutter is more than just illustrious bokeh effects - it's branded with AI. What Google Home Users now need is a screen to be able to enjoy a display of everything they are not getting form the Google Home. If the feature doesn't work for you, then Google may be rolling it out in phases, and the support for increase/ decrease playback speed should arrive for all users soon. Both devices have an impressing 12.2MP camera on the back of device as well as dual 8MP front cameras.

Jurgen Klopp opens up about Premier League title race
But with the global break now meaning it's two weeks before Liverpool play again, Milner could only miss as few as four matches. In that season the Reds went on to concede one goal in a 4-1 victory over Norwich City in their ninth game.

US Investigators Probe Khashoggi's Disappearance in Turkey
Sabah reported that 12 of the members arrived early on the day of the disappearance, based on photos captured at passport control. Khashoggi called the consulate and was told "that documents are being prepared" and he could come to the consulate.

Trump says he's not firing Rod Rosenstein
The International Association of Chiefs of Police is the world's largest professional association for police leaders. As the Chicago Sun-Times notes, Chicago police now use stop-and-frisk tactics, but they're not unfettered.

We've seen "Night Mode" options on smartphone cameras for years and years, but Google's new Night Sight promises something even better. Google is utilizing the smarts from its Duplex technology, which dispatches a virtual assistant to make eerily human-sounding calls for you, to launch a new call-screening feature on the Pixel 3. However, if you already own a Pixel device and are planning to upgrade, it would be wise wait awhile. There was even a demonstration of a finger mistakenly blocking the camera lens, but Google's AI discarded that shot and replaced it with a better one.

The analysis of the photos is done on the Pixel 3, not in Google's cloud. These could be the three colour options of the Pixel 3 models. This new feature makes low-light photographs brighter and clearer using machine learning. The new phones come with larger displays, better cameras, updated processors and also feature a new mobile security chip. Both versions use Oled (organic light-emitting diode) displays that are also found in high-end smartphones from Apple and Samsung.

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