Published: Tue, October 02, 2018
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IOS 12 causes charging problems for some iPhone, iPad models

IOS 12 causes charging problems for some iPhone, iPad models

Ever since the post last week, dozens of users have commented with similar issues mostly regarding different configurations and colour variants of the iPhone XS Max. Yes, there are obviously complaints over some issues floating around out there, some more serious than others. For Chinese users, a new, automatic beauty filter in the new iPhones might seem commonplace - it's others' backlash that's surprising.

The iPhone XS Max sports a resolution of 2688×1242, with 458 pixels-per-inch.

The iPhone XS charging issue seems to mainly affect the iPhone XS Max. However, failures to charge have been reported by users across social media as well as Apple's own website.

So, now currently its advised to you to not to buy any of the iPhone XS or XS Max until and unless this issue gets solved. There's one thing you might miss, however, but it's finally here so you won't have to go without it.

iPhone XS gave us a full-day battery life with moderate-to-heavy usage. The display is not one of them - it is identical to that of the iPhone X in terms of specs, at least. The crowd might hate them and Apple may have slimmed them down to the best of its capability, but the iPhone XS still comes with very thin, but visible, bezels around the screen. On top of it all, the iPhone XS Max is the largest phone to come out of Cupertino in a 6.5-inch design (the iPhone 8 was an inch smaller at 5.5). Customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone XR on Friday October 16th, with official shipping and release date on October 23, 2018.

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The FCC in the USA has just approved the iPhone XR for sale.

However, all these solutions might eventually damage the battery on iPhone XS and XS Max devices. It's not sure if the issue is equipment or programming related, in spite of the fact that the organization has settled charging issues through programming before.

There are plenty of wireless chargers that work well with the newer line of iPhones, but Samsung's Wireless Charger Duo makes it easy to charge two phones or a phone and a watch at the same time. Also, five out of the remaining six models did not charge until their screens were turned on.

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