Published: Mon, October 01, 2018
Culture | By Glenn Strickland

Lindsay Lohan posts freakish video with homeless family

Lindsay Lohan posts freakish video with homeless family

Lindsay Lohan has to rethink her life decisions.

In a live broadcast, the actress is seen offering children a night's stay at a hotel.

"They're trafficking children, I won't leave until I take you, now I know who you are, don't f**k with me", she added.

The disturbing video was filmed by Lohan herself and live-streamed on her Instagram account Friday night.

"Do you want me to give you a hotel?". A Syrian refugee family that I'm really anxious about.

The 32-year-old actress became embroiled in the freakish confrontation on a street after she confronted the family-of-five, who she assumed were Syrian refugees, and were sleeping under blankets.

She went as far as to talk to them in what sounds like Arabic accent and mutter incomprehensible Arabic phrases.

"You're taking these children, they want to go", Lohan says.

When she doesn't get a proper reply from the kid, she addressed the mother and said, "Let me take them, let them sleep". Do you wanna watch movies? To watch a movie on a TV, right? It doesn't matter if you're the number one fan of someone, seeing them behave like this is inexcusable, as is cheering them on.

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The family then decide to move away but they are followed by Lohan who accuses the parents of "child trafficking" and "ruining Arab culture".

She asks the family, of two parents and two boys, to tell her and America what they need and she will help them. I'm with you, I'm with you. Lohan cried to her camera at the end of the odd video, "I'm so scared". Come with me. I'll take care of you guys.

Nauseated by the self-righteousness of Americans like @lindsaylohan and their laughable "White Savior" impulses: "Let me saaaave you!"

Apparently fearful of Lohan's weird behaviour, the family gathers up their belongings and starts to walk away.

And followers have slammed her, with one writing, "Lindsay Lohan how'd you go from the club to trying to kidnap two kids?"

"They're trafficking children." Lohan says before threatening them. Lohan has been laying low for a while, but this aggressive act of unsolicited kindness is putting her back in the spotlight.

Lohan and her representatives have not yet commented on the ordeal.

Lohan appears to be punched in a face by a woman believed to be the child's mother when the child actress tries to grab one of the kids.

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