Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

EXIT POLLS: Trump Was A Major Factor In Midterms

EXIT POLLS: Trump Was A Major Factor In Midterms

Democrats began to scent a big night in the USA midterm elections Tuesday with early results pointing to them seizing the House of Representatives from the Republicans in what would be a dramatic rebuke to President Donald Trump.

The White House said Tuesday it hoped Democrats would forget the investigations and try to find common ground with a president willing to work on shared priorities.

"Dealing a major setback to President Trump's legislative agenda".

The US Congress is projected to be divided, with Democrats seizing a majority of seats in the House of Representatives and Republicans maintaining control of the Senate after midterm election voting, several media outlets projected, based on exit polls.

The GOP also got major wins in toss-up governors races in states like Florida and OH, though Democrats did manage to pick up wins in a number of states like IL and MI.

The early wins give Democrats a share of the seats they'll need for House control.

"Most American voters have strong views about Trump, whether they support or oppose him", says Tama.

President Donald Trump issued a triumphant tweet about Tuesday's midterm elections despite the mixed results for the president's party at the polls.

In the leadup to the election, anxious Republicans privately expressed confidence in their narrow Senate majority but feared the House could slip away.

Democrats could derail Mr Trump's legislative agenda for the next two years should they win control of the House or the Senate.

President Trump also endorsed this impression, telling voters in a campaign rally that "your vote in 2018 is every bit as important as your vote in 2016", when they elected him. Democrat Tammy Baldwin easily held her seat there and Republican Gov. Scott Walker trails in his bid to be re-elected as governor.

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"Tomorrow will be a new day in America", Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a victory party in Washington.

But he also said he will continue his more fiscally conservative polices, like holding the line on taxes and state spending.

Democrats, whose very relevance in the Trump era depended on winning at least one chamber of Congress, were laser-focused on health care as they predicted victories that would break up the GOP's monopoly in Washington and state governments.

The governor focused much of his campaign on his opposition to President Donald Trump and Trump's policies, and he continued that in his victory speech, at times addressing the president directly, saying NY is not "buying" what Trump is selling.

In the final stretch, Trump hardened his rhetoric on issues that appealed to his conservative core supporters, issuing warnings about a caravan of Latin American migrants headed to the border with Mexico and condemnations of what he called U.S. liberal "mobs".

With Democrats now poised to take control of the House, Mr. Cummings will likely be in a position as chairman to issue those subpoenas on his own.

At the same time, Democrats re-elected embattled New Jersey Sen. The Republican side of the aisle elected mostly white men.

A record number of women ran for office this election, many of them Democrats turned off by Trump's policy agenda.

Still, Trump will also have to answer for a scorched earth campaign on immigration in the final days that might have helped tip the House to Democrats, even if he can argue that his magnetism among his followers' candidates, such as Rep. Ron DeSantis, who won the Florida gubernatorial race, according to a CNN projection, Marsha Blackburn who will capture the Tennessee Senate race and Mike Braun, who defeated the incumbent Democratic Sen.

For the State Senate District 22 race, Democrat incumbent Brittany Pettersen comfortably won reelection with 56.96 percent of the votes to Tony Sanchez's 43.4 percent.

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