Published: Tue, November 06, 2018
Culture | By Glenn Strickland

Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Adventures Will Continue In Movies

Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Adventures Will Continue In Movies

Do you think you'll keep watching The Walking Dead without Lincoln and Rick front and center?

No, not Andrew Lincoln's last-ever TV appearance as Rick Grimes - we mean the final sighting of The Walking Dead's other all-round good guy, Hershel Greene. Which answers the question to Sunday night's episode, titled "What Comes After", pretty clearly.

As you can see, TWD cast mates Danai Gurira, Khary Payton, Lennie James, who is actually now on spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, Seth Gilliam, Josh McDermitt and Pollyanna McIntosh are also among those in the tribute.

That answer will apparently be answered with a new movie that will explain Rick's disappearance from the show. Scott Gimple - who was writing these movies and planning the expansion of the universe - he kind of said, "Okay here's what I need to have happen: Rick has to go out by flying off in a helicopter". By episode's end, though, after blowing up the constructed bridge in order to prevent walkers from further advancing, it was revealed that not only is Rick alive and well, but he's being flown away to parts unknown with Jadis at his side. Instead, three TV movies are in the works, which Lincoln will star in. Some of the stories will relate to The Walking Dead as fans know it while others will be standalone stories that introduce new characters and locations. It would have been a fitting death for Rick, coupled with some badass last words, "I got 'em".

The first film will explore where Grimes was taken and "what he faces in the new corner of the zombie apocalypse", AMC said.

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If being a fighter is one of Rick's strong points, there's a dark side to that tendency too, and it's shown itself a few times over the course of his character arc on the show. "Maybe it's the start of a bigger story". I'm not going to say any more than that.

"I've always been interested in what's going on out there, you know, whether or not there is contact with the wider world", he added.

The first film is expected to begin production as early as 2019, but unlike the series, the films will not be direct adaptations from The Walking Dead comics, written by Robert Kirkman, that the show is based on. "There is something exciting about moving toward an end game for Rick's story that appealed to me".

Gimple's plans for expanding the Walking Dead universe don't seem to be limited just to full-length films, either.

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