Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Global Media | By Jackie Banks

Voters nationwide face difficulties as Georgia sued over election 'interference'

Voters nationwide face difficulties as Georgia sued over election 'interference'

And I don't even want you to vote for us just because we're Democrats.

The plaintiffs, registered Georgia voters, have been identified as LaTosha Brown, Jennifer N. Ide, Katharine Wilkinson, Candace Fowler and Chalis Montgomery.

Both parties cast the election as a referendum on Donald Trump, driving voters to congested polling sites.

Democrats responded to the announcement by calling it "a reckless and unethical ploy", saying Kemp was trying to gain an edge in his neck-and-neck race with Abrams.

Republican Brian Kemp on Monday stood by his decision to level claims of attempted hacking at Democrats, turning their objections - and the concerns of nonpartisan civil rights groups - into an election eve selling point. "You suddenly open an investigation without giving any sort of details about what happened?"

In the voting integrity case, a federal judge last month endorsed the plaintiff's arguments that Kemp has been derelict in his management of the state election system and that it violates voters' constitutional rights with its lack of verifiability and reliability.

They say an email to them from a man not affiliated with the Democratic Party of Georgia is what prompted Kemp's request for an investigation.

Just days ahead of the vote, the two candidates are running neck-and-neck.

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All the while, Brian Kemp, now at 48.5 (within a 3 percent margin of Abrams), tries to keep ahead with a campaign revolving around, amongst other things, eliminating state income taxes on retirement pay for military veterans and giving teachers in Georgia a $5000 pay raise, a move that is estimated to cost $800 Million, including additional expenditures like pension payment, etc.

"[Kemp] cooked up the charge because he realizes, once again, he left the personal information of six million voters vulnerable", said Abrams in response to the accusations.

"I'm not anxious about how it looks".

His Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams, said he is making a baseless accusation to deflect attention from an apparently severe security flaw in the system Kemp is responsible for overseeing.

A DHS official said the department is deferring inquiries back to Georgia. The official declined to say if the agency was investigating. We can't let her steal this election.

In 2015, Kemp's office inadvertently released the Social Security numbers and other identifying information of millions of Georgia voters.

Citing a potential for conflict of interest, Democrats, including former President Jimmy Carter, have unsuccessfully asked Kemp to step aside as secretary of state until after the election.

Former President Obama recently joined Abrams on the campaign trail, suggesting that Kemp has "already been caught" guilty of voter suppression. They've freaked out about voter fraud to invalidate the results of elections before, and now maybe they'll agree to acknowledge the conclusions of several US intelligence agencies and decide that hacking is a problem if and when the election doesn't go conservatives' way.

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