Published: Mon, January 07, 2019
Sport | By Ashley Hunter

Chicago White Sox make official offer to Manny Machado

Chicago White Sox make official offer to Manny Machado

The Nationals are believed to have offered a 10-year, $300 million contract as the 2018 season drew to a close.

It can be assumed that Harper also has emotional ties to the Washington organization.

But Harper, according to Levine, has already received multiple 10-year offers, though there's no indication of which teams made those offers or if those offers have even been made by multiple teams. While these stats aren't eye-popping, Harper's career stats show 2018 to be an anomaly for a player primed for the best years of his career. As you may recall, Nats managing principle owner Mark Lerner admitted back in early December that there was "too much money out there" for Harper to return.

For instance, a four-year deal at a guaranteed $160 million ($40 mill per season average) could put Harper back into the free agent market again at age 30. Are you exhausted of the Harper rumors and rumblings? That aligns perfectly with the Dodgers refusal to go ten years which the Nationals offered Harper at the beginning of free agency. There is a big difference between $160 million and $400 million dollars. The Phillies are the next team that will reportedly meet with Bryce, but the fact that the meeting will take place in Las Vegas sums up how Mr.

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Only time will tell when it comes to seeing how things play out in this meeting between the Phililes and Harper. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Sox land him, knowing that they have also been "all-in" on Harper as well.

It doesn't appear like a signing will occur anytime soon, but now it appears that Harper might be staying in Washington, D.C. after all. As one of this offseason's most coveted targets, Machado visited the Phillies and Yankees in addition to the White Sox last month.

In the end, where do the Phillies actually sit at this point in regard to either superstar?

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