Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
Culture | By Glenn Strickland

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Federal Workers a Job During Government Shutdown

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Federal Workers a Job During Government Shutdown

Women and children are being harmed and killed daily by the human traffickers.

The president was lauded by longtime supporters who have criticized him in recent weeks over his failure to implement of a border wall, nearly two years into his administration.

He has previously claimed that the Vatican and former President Barack Obama built walls for security.

The debate over funding for the barrier has been at the center of a partial federal government shutdown.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos disputed Trump's claim that the U.S. -Mexico free trade agreement will essentially result in that country paying for the wall.

The late-night funnyman also took aim at the official Democratic response from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, which was widely mocked for their wooden delivery and freaky staging, with the pair squished together behind one podium. But the New York Democrat said the "symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty, not a 30-foot wall". We want our border wall, like we promised, though we promised that the Mexicans would pay for it.' So it's not the promise. Sanders, a political independent who caucuses with the Democrats, delivered an individual response of his own, separate from Schumer and Pelosi, as he has before on similar occasions, such as the State of the Union. We don't govern by temper tantrum.

Huawei punishes staff for tweeting via iPhone, East Asia News & Top Stories
Huawei's tweet publicly displayed " Twitter from iPhone" below the message thanks to this recent Twitter change. The team eventually deleted the tweet and sent a new one from a masked Twitter client almost four hours later.

Suspicious packages sent to embassies and consulates in Melbourne and Canberra
Victoria Police said they are aware of the suspicious packages, but do not believe the public should be concerned. Victoria Police said at this time, they believe the matter is "targeted and not impacting the general community".

LG Signature OLED TV R literally rolls up inside its own base
The company also showed off its new home brewing beer system for the first time, having first announced it past year . The price and availability of the Signature Oled TV R has not been confirmed.

'It's not going to change a d**n thing, but I'm still doing it, ' Trump said of the planned border visit, one of the people who was in the room told the Times.

While networks air presidential addresses when the topic is of national importance, they're not required to do so.

We all know it, late night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel think that conservative viewers of their programs don't exist while further using conservative legislators as comedic punching bags.

And the fact is: President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis and must reopen the government.

Lindsey Graham joined Hannity to suggest Trump's stand represents the best chance to improve border security. Ann Coulter, who has pressured the White House away from immigration compromise before, said: "Beautiful speech".

The president said among those hit hardest by illegal immigration are African-Americans and Hispanics.

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