Published: Thu, January 03, 2019
Research | By Dana Schwartz

Latest pics from NASA's New Horizons reveal 'cosmic snowman'

Latest pics from NASA's New Horizons reveal 'cosmic snowman'

He added: "These are the only remaining basic building blocks in the back yard of the solar system that we can see that everything else that we live on, or receive through our telescopes, or visit with our spacecraft, were formed from".

Carly Howett, New Horizons co-investigator, said: "We can definitively say that Ultima Thule is red".

While you'd think something named "Ultima Thule" would be a challenger to Thanos for galactic superiority in Avengers 4: Endgame, or doing drag, the name fittingly means "beyond the borders of the known world".

A new picture returned from United States space agency NASA's New Horizons spacecraft shows the little world to be two objects joined together - to give a look like a "snowman".

New Horizons's encounter with Ultima Thule happened so far away that it took six hours for signals traveling at the speed of light to reach Earth.

"Let me say that bowling pin is gone - it's a snowman, if it's anything at all". Note the reduced red coloring at the neck of the object.

The close approach came a half-hour into the new year, and three years after New Horizons' unprecedented swing past Pluto.

"New Horizons performed as planned, conducting the farthest exploration of any world in history - 4 billion miles (6.4 billion km) from the Sun", said New Horizons principal investigator Dr. Alan Stern, of the Southwest Research Institute.

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In a press conference this afternoon, they've released their latest batch of results.

During the run-up to today's news conference, a buzz broke out on Twitter over the fact that the term "Ultima Thule", which in ancient times denoted a place beyond the known world, became a part of Nazi mythology. The image on the left is an enhanced color image, the center image is a higher resolution image of the object and the right image shows the color overlaid onto the higher resolution image.

"Studying Ultima Thule is helping us understand how planets form - both those in our own solar system and those orbiting other stars in our galaxy", Moore said.

The images we have of the object now show no obvious impact craters, but there are hills and ridges.

"Unfortunately the approach images we're showing you that came down first just aren't conducive to determining whether there are craters on the surface or not", said Mr.

The object looked sort of looked like a fuzzy bowling pin. This is something of a mystery, because Ultima Thule is thought to be made mostly of ice. Gravity is holding them together. The comment was greeted with applause by New Horizon team members and their supporters.

It also looks pristine, nearly unchanged since it formed out of a disk of dust and gas that orbited the sun more than 4.5 billion years ago.

Future images sent back to earth will be of a higher quality as they will have been taken closer to the object and will benefit from better sunlight. The full set of data will be a long time coming - trickling across the solar system over the next 20 months.

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